Andreas Aase is from Trondheim, Norway, and plays his own music for acoustic guitar, weaving outwards from Scandinavian traditions. His seventh solo album «Ito» continues his ongoing life project: To develop a poetic, wide-ranging guitar repertoire that always retains a deep connection to phrases and rhythms from his own part of the world – a quiet, yet powerful manner of playing that is both modern and timeless, improvised and arranged, welcoming and adamant. Andreas plays a fifth-tuned nylon string guitar custom made for him in Switzerland by Tyko Runesson.

Andreas usually performs solo, as on the records «Ito», «Tre», «Unu» and «V. (Bach)», and sometimes with his favorite musicians, as on «Maus», «Fir» and «Eon». He has performed in North America, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain, and he records for Øra Fonogram.

Photo: John Arvid Johnsen

Video: Kristoffer Hylland Skogheim. Sound: Jo Ranheim, Øra Studio